Industrial and commercial upholstery

We “dress-up” your product.

Our upholstery production has more than 30 years of experience in refurbishing and manufacturing various types of products. The dominant part of our work is upholstery production and renewal of railway and bus seats. We are increasing our presence in the products for the fitness and health industries.

We are happy to take custom orders. We are experienced in high series production of quality fitness pads (ex. Pulse Fitness) and projects for interior upholstery design for furnitures, wall decorations and any custom demands. A few examples: SKY Fitness (, River FitnessBoutique Fitness

We constantly invest in development to be able to satisfy even the most complex customer requirements both for industrial and commercial upholstery areas. Our tooling enables us to do high series production and even small series with the highest aesthetic requirements.

A few years ago we have modernised our machinery; put into production the newest CNC cutting machine supplied by the German Kuris company. We also purchased industrial sewing machines from Dürkopp Adler for different seaming and stitching works. We have single and twin needle sewing machines for decorative stitching.

This CNC cutting technology is capable of the most precise and material saving nesting procedures. We would like to highlight our advanced CAD software supported design and pattern digitalization techniques.

Wood frames for upholstery products are made by our joinery workshop.

Joinery unit

Our joinery workshop is complementary to the upholstery manufacturing: it mainly produces wooden frames and bases for seats. We generally use sawn timber that is processed with traditional techniques applied in the industry. We use plywood for fitness pads.

Our strengths

  • outstanding quality upholstery (high durability and aesthetic appearance)
  • making unique customised products (wide range of colour selection and logo stitching)
  • flexibility, small-batch series production
  • advanced technological background (CNC/CAD)
  • 12 years experience in upholstering fitness, medical, and therapeutic equipment
  • 28 years experience in upholstering vehicle seats
  • outstanding experts
  • competitive prices

Quality materials and technology

  • heterogenic foam and normal foam in different hardness and quality
  • special cut foams for unique shapes
  • fire-retardant foams and treated wood frames (vehicle seats)
  • plywood for durability (fitness)
  • exceptionally high quality leatherette products specifically designed for the requirements of fitness, medical and therapeutic equipment
    • high aesthetics and durability
    • wide range of colour and surface selection
    • special features: anti-bacterial coating according to MPG standards

Our preferred leatherette supplier is the renowned Konrad Hornschuch factory that supplies products to intense use areas such as the automotive sector.

Our suppliers for vehicle seat materials are ASTE Hungária, NÁRUM and Graboplast.

Environment Friendly Manufacturing

We care about the environment, therefore, we use water based adhesives and select all materials with the greatest care to minimise our impact on the environment.


1990 – vehicle seat refurbishment for Hungarian public transport companies

1994 – establishment of a new upholstery unit and its complimentary joinery workshop

2006 – entering the upholstery market of fitness, medical and therapeutic equipment and initiating upholstery production for Kieser Training from Switzerland.

2011 – producing and designing customised upholstery for the circuit training and therapeutic equipment manufactured by eXcio from Germany.

2014 – building business relations and extensive upholstery refurbishment for Hungary’s leading fitness equipment wholesale distributor (Mania Fitness)

2015 – modernising upholstery machinery. Introducing CNC cutting technology with pattern digitalisation and CAD supported pattern design.

2015 – entering new markets and establishing business relationships with major European fitness equipment producers.