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We fit your products upholstery with your customers’ special demands.

We have been making upholstery products for fitness and therapeutic machines for more than 15 years. Most of our customers are from the European Union but we also supply the Hungarian market with quality products.

By making more than 100 000 pieces of different upholstery products, we have learned the special requirements of the fitness industry. We know how to manufacture both durable and highly aesthetic products and maintain effective communication with our customers to ensure efficient production.

We take the special requirements of manufacturers and their customer base into account as well. Via various and numerous refurbishing jobs we experienced the critical points where the upholstery is worn out becomes damaged. Capitalising on this experience enables us to make durable and outstanding quality upholstery.

We apply thoroughly industrial regulations for upholstery products made for the healthcare industry (therapeutic and medical upholstery) such as MPG standard.

We regularly undertake refurbishing works for Hungarian fitness clubs and equipment distributors. Fitness upholstery can be refurbished instead of being replaced to either its original appearance or even customised to a unique appearance at a low cost.  Customised logo and unique stitching can also be applied on refurbished upholstery. The colour schemes and surfaces can also be customised.

Our references illustrate various shape options and colour schemes.

Specific products – partner demands                     

Customised products

eXcio, Wellform          

High quality customised upholstery that satisfies the unique customer requirements for Germany’s major therapeutic and rehabilitation equipment manufacturer. eXcio’s equipment meet the criteria set by MPG standards.

The main features of the upholstery are comfort and high aesthetics by customer logoing, stitching, and cover material selection.

Decorative stitching       

Pulse Fitness

Decorative stitching gives a different look, especially double stitching that can well emphasise forms and shapes.

We produce premium fitness pads for Pulse Fitness, one of UK’s leading fitness equipment manufacturers.

Gym interior and upholstery match

SkyFitness, Riverfitness, Boutique Fitness        

Customising upholstery is one of the best tools for matching equipment with gym interior design to harmonise overall appearance.

We are proud of our references River Fitness and Sky Fitness, the popular and luxury line of Get Fit and boutique fitness, a charming sports club.

At River Fitness and boutique fitness we have made all the upholstery and at Sky Fitness we prepared and installed upholstery wall decoration along with change room benches.

Durable products

Kieser Training, MedX 

We manufactured more than 100 different types of high quality uniquely shaped upholstery for therapeutic fitness equipment manufactured by Kieser Training from Switzerland and MedX from Germany.

The products require extra durable foam and special shapes for example neck pads, curved armrests and drilled backrests. We have also produced straps, protective covers and accessories.

Refurbishing upholstery

Mania Fitness

In this line of business our key reference is Hungary’s leading fitness equipment distributor and we regularly refurbish upholstery for fitness club equipment in customised solutions.

Customised products according to specific customer needs can obtain advantage even at refurbishing, applying a high variety of leatherette and thread colour selection and logoing along with other embroidery.