About Us

Our company was founded in 1989 by three friends to manufacture and refurbish parts and components of public transport vehicles.

In the early years, our main business activity was to supply electric parts to rail vehicles including contacts, fuses, relays and complete current collectors and its parts, while we manufactured many different mechanical and steel products such as drive shafts and main parts of primary brakes.

Most of our services and production capacity is based on CNC machining that is an essential element for all other activities as well. In the 1990s, our company gradually expanded its activities and the machining and refurbishing works were complemented with an upholstery and joinery workshop and a shock absorber unit.

Since 2003, we have progressively adapted CNC technology that has enabled us for delivering higher volumes and variety to satisfy international demand. Currently we operate with five lathing and three machining centres that cover all machining ranges.

Since the mid2000s our driver business is manufacturing high quality upholstery products for the fitness, medical and rehabilitation industries.

As part of an exclusive distributory partnership agreement with Europe’s major seat manufacturer, STER Sp. z o. o. company that manufacture and supply seats to Solaris and Volvo buses and trams such as Skoda and Pesa.

At the end of the 2000s, we undertook railings and other metal works and on-site installation in several large scale construction projects.

We are proud that our company was commissioned to play a major role in the restoration of many Budapest’s iconic heritage vehicles such as the first continental European underground railway and the Buda-Castle Funicular.

In 2015 we have made a major investment to apply CNC technology in cutting in the upholstery. We have also acquired new industrial sewing machines as well.

Our company is stable: we are important and reliable partners to our clients with 38 full time employees at our premises. We have extensive business relationships with several European and Hungarian companies. We continuously reinvest significant proportion of our revenue into new technologies and continuous development of our employees.

Our company applies ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 integrated management system to all production processes.

Sport, active lifestyle and health have always been important for us. As part of our social responsibility program we support several sport associations and we proudly sponsor VASAS, one of the hungarian waterpolo teams.

We plan to further invest to improve ERP, human resources and IT solutions.

Zoltán Stier and Adam Stier
managing directors